Morning countdown: Apache admins, beware

Plus: A mysterious startup from the Twitter founders!

  1. Dutch judge says Android 2.3 violates Apple patent -- but not 3.0 [ITworld]
  2. Brian Proffitt: GPL violations in Linux? Don't panic [ITworld]
  3. Google pays $500M settlement over bogus pill ads [ITworld]
  4. iPhone 5 on T-Mobile too? Sure, why not [MobileBurn]
  5. Lenovo releases new tablet into teeth of TouchPad fire sale [ITworld]
  6. Chris Nerney: Twitter co-founders' new startup is inspiring, vague [ITworld]
  7. 'Apache killer' DoS tool in the wild [ITworld]
  8. Beware reverse-engineered Microsoft patches [ITworld]
  9. Pete Smith: Take those Nintendo 3DS rumors with a grain of salt [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Cloud Computing: Don't dismiss the hype [ITworld]
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