Facebook hit 1 trillion PVs in June

DoubleClick stats show social networking giant

It's been argued in this blog and elsewhere that "Facebook Fatigue" has begun.

If so, it hardly was evident in June, when the social networking company recorded 1 trillion page views globally, according to ad network DoubleClick.

That's about eight times as many as runner-up Baidu, the Chinese search engine, which had a mere 120 billion PVs in June. Amateur hour!

One big caveat: DoubleClick is owned by Google, and excludes "certain Google sites" (presumably including Google.com) from the results.

Facebook also had more unique visitors than any other site in the world in June, with 870 million. That's not much ahead of YouTube (also owned by Google), which had 790 million unique visitors in June and 100 million page views, ranking the video site second and third in those categories, respectively.

The list linked above ranks the sites by unique visitors, but below is a list of the top 10 by June page views:

1. Facebook -- 1 trillion PVs

2. Baidu -- 120 billion

3. YouTube -- 100 billion

4. Yahoo -- 78 billion

5. Live.com -- 59 billion

6. vkontakte.ru (Russian social network) -- 52 billion

7. orkut.com.br (Google's Orkut social networking site in Brazil) -- 48 billion

8. qq.com (Chinese IM service) -- 44 billion

9. yahoo.co.jp (Yahoo Japan) -- 32 billion

10 craigslist.org - 22 billion

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