PC Era says, 'I'm not dead yet. Getting better.'

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When HP announced they were getting out of the PC business, the "PC Era Is Dead" stories started popping up all over the place. Why? The tech world, full of people looking for the newest toys (ooh, shiny), has always been unhappy with what is doing work today and yearns for what is new. It doesn't hurt the "PC is dead" argument, or at least the "PC is passe" argument, that iPad attracted well-heeled early adopters who make a lot of noise. Remind anyone of this Monty Python scene?

On GigaOm, "The End of the PC era" story quotes projections of 60 million tablets sold this year, and up to 90 million next. On Mashable, the "Sorry, This Is Not the End of the PC Era [Opinion]" article points out Apple has sold 28.7 iPads since their release, while Microsoft has sold 400 million Windows 7 licenses starting just eight months earlier.

A year ago, Steve Jobs compared PCs to the trucks needed when everyone lived the rural life, but now, in the city, everyone drives cars. Nice thought, Steve, but wrong. The leading vehicle sold each year? The Ford F150 pickup. In 2010, that truck and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 occupied sales rank numbers one and two, or numbers one and three depending on how you group various truck models. The Ford F150 is the best-selling vehicle for the last 34 years straight.

People will always need to get work done, and for the most part, that means a personal computer more than a tablet. Real people who are not rabid tech bloggers have a different view of the world.

PCs still do the work

You can’t get the kind of monitor on a tablet or laptop that you need for serious photo editing. Signal processing calculus, CAD, and animation design will always require the fastest available processors.

George Woodard on mashable.com

No storage, No mouse, No keyboard, No horsepower = No use for me.

chosenson on pcworld.com

End of the PC era? I guess Apple needs to “update the store”, as I still see MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, iMacs and Mac Pros for sale online and at my local Apple store.

End of What? on gigaom.com

Yes, PCs are sinking

But this is what’s happening; for 21 consecutive quarters sales of Macintosh computers have grown more than the entirety of WinTel based systems, in fact, the same data shows major contractions across all WinTel vendors.

Jeff Berard on mashable.com

More people who aren't power users are leaning towards tablets more and more.

mrwhite on pcworld.com

Computers become invisible commodities

The era of the PC is far from over, but the era of huge profits for PC manufacturers has pretty much gone. There is more differentiation in the smartphone and tablet markets, so that is where the profits are right now before those sectors too face a similar squeeze on profits in a few years.

Tim Dickinson on mashable.com

PCs are still essential in our lives. We just use tablets for more mobile situations.

HenryLui7gc3 on pcworld.com

I think the claims that we’re at the end of the PC era are a bit premature. At their heart PCs have always been about cheap flexible components that allow a PC maker to build computers into any form. Far from this being the end of the PC era I think we’re just at the start of an even more diverse PC era.

APS on gigaom.com

It’s not the end of PCs. Remember that mainframes are still the backbone of computing and we’re still using relational databases everywhere. It’s the end of PC growth.

Miko Matsumura on gigaom.com

When do you think 75 percent of PC owners will also have a tablet? The over/under is just after Christmas, 2013.

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