Social tools help drug maker fix supply chain

Ratiopharm Canada and its new parent company see improvements in service levels and manufacturing cycle times.

A few years ago, IT officials at pharmaceutical company Ratiopharm Canada turned to collaboration and Web 2.0 tools in an effort to fix a supply chain that was in constant crisis mode.

The company had been finding it increasingly difficult to react to changes in demand for its generic drugs. At times, the company's supply chain unit could be unaware for up to four months that manufacturing snafus or quality control issues were causing slowdowns.

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IT officials at Ratiopharm, which was acquired by rival Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for $2.5 billion last year, determined at the time that better internal communication could solve at least some of the problems, said Antonio Martins, who was then Ratiopharm's vice president of supply chain.

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This story, "Social tools help drug maker fix supply chain" was originally published by Computerworld.

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