The best Steve Jobs videos on the Web

Newsflash: Steve Jobs is very popular on YouTube as well as the rest of the InterWeb

It's been a busy day here, what with the leader of awesomeness retiring from Apple and such. In between shooting our own video on the matter (see below), I've been scouring the Web for other cool Jobs-related videos. Here's a roundup:

[Will departure of Steve Jobs shake loyalty of Apple employees? and How Steve Jobs changed Apple...]

Look how quickly Next Media Animation got its Steve Jobs video up! I'm thinking that a longer one with narration is coming, but this is still pretty impressive.

Stanford 2005 graduation speech: This video is all over the place, and has been quoted many, many times. Here's the video if you've never seen it:

The "computers are like a bicycle for our minds" video: As part of the Memory & Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress" documentary, Steve Jobs talks about his thoughts on computers. Cool stuff.

Steve Jobs explains the Apple Store: What may seem iconic and "normal" now was definitely not when Apple Stores debuted years ago. In this video, a clearly excited Jobs shows what the new Apple Store would look like:

Steve Jobs: We don't ship junk - In response to a question from Molly Wood of CNET, Jobs here really defines his passion for building computers and other products.

Finally, here's my "What's next for Apple?" video that I shot with Ken Mingis from Computerworld:

What are some of your favorite Jobs videos? Let me know in the comments!

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