Morning links: Diaspora wants your social networking love

Plus: Facebook pageview bounty overstated; RIM music service gets weirder

  1. No big rush on Firefox 6 upgrade [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: Facebook's 1 trillion pageviews too good to be true [ITworld]
  3. You probably shouldn't sue your outsourcing provider [ITworld]
  4. Will a new CEO turn around AMD? [ITworld]
  5. Peter Smith: Weird RIM social music service 'brilliant and horrific' [ITworld]
  6. Tumblr raises $100M in funding, will maybe be profitable somehow [ITworld]
  7. Apple hires teen iOS jailbreaking hacker as intern [ITworld]
  8. Samsung wants no part of HP's PC division [ITworld]
  9. New Windows 7 tablet! This one'll sell for sure [ITworld]
  10. Dan Tynan: Diaspora joins fight for disaffected Facebookers [ITworld]
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