Darth Vader re-dubbed: And we're surprised, how?

Don't be surprised when Rebecca Black becomes Princess Leia and Justin Bieber becomes Luke...

The InterWebs are abuzz with the latest changes to the Star Wars saga, coming soon to Blu-Ray. As reported by the sites io9 and Badass Digest, George "I'm never going to stop tweaking these movies" Lucas has apparently made more tweaks, the most talked-about one being an audio insertion of Darth Vader shouting "Nooooooooo!" right before he throws the Emperor down the Death Star shaft.

One quick-witted YouTube fan took the audio clip of Vader shouting "Nooooo!" at the end of Episode III and added it to the original clip in Episode VI, to allow fans a "sneak preview" of what the finished version may sound like:

Of course, the purists are shouting murder and everyone seems upset by these changes, but I'm surprised that people are making a big deal about it. At this point, aren't we all used to these changes by Lucas? He did it during the "Special Edition" days, and with each successive release he keeps tweaking (or "improving") the films. Heck, I once bought my wife a T-shirt that says "Han shot first!" after he added Greedo shooting a laser blast (and missing) during one of the Episode IV tweaks.

These same fans that are decrying the horrors of this will also be the ones that have probably pre-ordered the Blu-Ray versions and/or will be waiting in line the day they go on sale. At some point, the Star Wars that you and I grew up with will be a totally different movie (maybe it will look like "Tootsie"). I think most people are annoyed because they want to show the films to their kids the way they saw it, but most of the kids I know already enjoy Episodes I through III better (because of the better CGI quality, not because "shudder" Jar Jar Binks is in it).

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