About those 1 trillion page views for Facebook in June...

Social networking giant actually had less than half that amount, according to comScore

It's somewhat ironic that a company owned by Facebook rival Google credited the social networking giant with an unfathomably high number of page views in June. Now it turns out that the 1 trillion page views were too good to be true.

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The figure was cited by DoubleClick's free AdPlanner service, which helps advertisers determine where to spend their money, but whose methodology is generally conceded to be not as precise as other measurement services. Like comScore's, which employs a global network of 2 million users whose Internet use is recorded by the company (anonymously and with the users' permission), as well as data from more than 1 million domains. As CNNMoney's David Goldman writes, "Analysts say comScore's methodology is generally more trusted. The 12-year-old company makes money from selling its service to clients, so it's got a vested interest in paying rigorous attention to the accuracy of its methodology." So what does comScore's rigorous and accurate methodology tell us about Facebook's monthly page views? That they hit 467 billion in July. Even with that measly, discounted amount, Facebook still trounces all other web properties. But 467 billion lacks the same "ring" as 1 trillion. Just ask any blogger or headline writer.

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