GameStop steals $50 customer coupons from new Deus EX game

Credit: flickr/Wright Way Photography

You know those coupons and fliers that come in boxed games? GameStop wants to end that clutter for you, at least when it's for a service they feel competes with a service they're planning. So users don't get free access to Deus Ex: Human Revolution streamed via OnLive when they buy the PC version of the game at GameStop.

When asked, GameStop was unapologetic and planned to continue stealing what amounts to $50 of the purchaser's money. Later they softened and started offering $50 GameStop gift coupons, but still refuse to give the customer the OnLive coupon.

It may surprise you to learn gamers have strong opinions and set their "rant on" dial to full volume quickly (/sarcasm off). All GameStop executives should have burning ears, because plenty of people are talking about them lately, and few are being polite.

GameStop sucks

Opening my new game and removing anything I was supposed to have will net you a ball bat to the face, however. I don't take kindly to stealing my things because I guarantee you the employees are taking those home and using them.

Christopher Arthur on

Seriously? Who shops there? They've been opening game seals and selling "employee played" games as new for over a decade.

CommonSense033 on

I used to shop there...but after this stunt...this is BS. Amazon from now on. F these sobs.

adrian on

So they're tampering with the product...pretty sure any other place would be prosecuted for that. It's a ridiculous move by them...and its going to cost them customers.

LunarStarFox on


Honestly it happens more and more I am sure if game spot said they were doing it to ensure the quality of the multi player. Or some crap their customers would eat it up.

DHampton on

i understand the point of view...but *** your point of view gamestop.  I would want my copy purchased unopened the way GOD intended it to be! lol

Madd0x on

Bad, bad decision

Well played, Gamestop. Well played indeed - if you think losing customers forever is a "win." And by the way, I'll be boycotting your "Impulse" online games network, too.

Rtiejiens on

As an OnLive user, this is kind of BS, because Gamestop is not losing any revenue from the game because of the *** coupon, and their phobia of this potentially effecting their future revenue due to Onlive is inane, given the fact that the consumer base has already gone to the store to pre-order, or purchase a hard copy.

Justin Marxer on

I would not accept an opened game from them as "new"...ever

Craigaleg on

Who wins this fight: users, GameStop, or the lawyers? Hint: Always bet on the lawyers.

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