Complete Hurricane Irene time-lapse

Last week's storm, from beginning to end

Whenever the weather people on TV show you visualizations of an oncoming storm, they always show you about 5 seconds of the latest radar or cloud images, based on the times when the images are recorded. For hurricanes, which have a longer lifespan, you rarely get to see the entire track as it starts and finishes.

This video shows just that - from NOAA's YouTube channel comes an animation of Hurricane Irene, with images taken every 30 minutes by the GOES-13 satellite. The images started on Aug. 19th as a tropical wave, through the landfall events in the Caribbean, North Carolina, and New York, with the eventual dissipation on Monday, Aug. 29.

An animation of the complete track of the radar images would be cooler, I think, but this version still is interesting to watch, especially the parts where you can see the eye of the hurricane.

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