Apple iPhone 5 prototype lost in bar: Deja Vu stupid or PR ploy?

Credit: flickr/wiskinator

It's Deja Vu all over again, as reports surfaced recently about an Apple prototype iPhone 5 lost in a tequila bar. This happened in July, according to CNET, and the police were called in and tracked the phone via GPS. They went to a nearby residence of a young man who denied knowledge of the iPhone 5 prototype. Best guess now is the phone was sold on Craigslist for $200.

Those who thought the lost iPhone 4 last year was an ad ploy are downright convinced this is just another scam to raise awareness. But many believe this is too crude and derivative for Apple, and are blaming the tequila bar, Cava22, for the story. Yet some believe the story, because it happened in July, so the big buzz for a planned story has been lost. And those of us in Texas know the old saying: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Reactions blame PR flacks and lazy journalists for a clumsy viral news story attempt, Apple phone engineers with a low tolerance for tequila, and the bar itself. Nobody looks good with this much mud thrown on them.

Stupid Apple ploy

Apple are a bunch of lieing barstewards

Anonymous Coward on

This is just a stupid marketing story by Apple, this entire thing was planned.

alirod on

Apple: A drinking club with a development problem?

jakkjakk on

You'd think they could at least try to lose one somewhere else than in a bar - in a park, at a movie, at a gym, in a brothel - don't these guys do anything other than drink??

Heironymous Coward on

As much publicity as they got off the last time this happened they of course have to do it again, free hype and publicity is what they want.

Hanamii on

Stupid Apple employee

If it is Apple employees should have to have their name written on their underwear, and for that matter, where these devices were found, should offer onsite AA program.

kanic121 on

What a bunch of donkeys, aren't they? I mean what are you taking that thing to a bar for, so that everyone can see you using it and ask, damn geeks looking to score.

evildude666 on

Crazy Cava22 ploy

And what's up with the (not so) subtle plug for the spot where it was found?? "...the phone was lost at San Francisco's Cava 22, which describes itself as a "tequila lounge" that also serves lime-marinated shrimp ceviche...". Lol.

Jatajo22 on

What kind of story is this? It's all reportedly, no proof at all. No one seems to have a copy of the supposed Craigslist post, the police says no inquires were made and now even the restaurant also doesn't know much about it.

Metavisor on

On my way to the Cava 22 bar. Hopefully first on the iPhone 7.

Robert Jan Vencken on

Your vote: real accident or ad scam? And if it is an ad scam, was this orchestrated by Apple or the Cava22 bar?

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