Google Plus real name policy stays, says Schmidt


On the Internet, how does anyone know you're not a dog? On Google+, if you're a dog, you must use your real name, so username Fido will give you away. And if you prefer going by CatChaser1991, too bad: there's no place for you on Google+. And that makes some people unhappy.

But don't call Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and complain, because his position is clear: the real name policy stays. Google+ may become your identity manager for many other sites in the future, because your name there will absolutely be your name. "Identity Service" has been tossed around as the future of Google+. And people using their real names can't spam, harangue, or spew online hatred (you Nazi!) anonymously.

Or this could all be an elaborate scheme for Google to gather even more information about you to sell more details for more money to advertisers. But if you don't like the real names policy, says Schmidt, don't sign up. And folks have some comments on his statement.

Good for Google

I have to say I like somebody standing up for what they believe instead of bowing to public outcry.

goff256 on

The real reason some people are annoyed at this, is because it means people can't shill and astroturf behind hundreds of fake accounts.

MarkG on

I don’t see the big deal with using my real name. And like everything else in life nothing is really free so the free service they offer comes with the price of me providing information to them in return.

Renise Black on

So why are music artists on there with verified account badges using their stage names? 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Madonna, etc?

ediciuz on

Fine, I'll stay away

There's another very, very simple option ... don't use Google+.

Gilasevi on

I think Eric Schmidt is under the misguided impression that I need Google. He's wrong. I don't need Google, Google needs me. But if he'd rather I not sign up for Google because I refuse to use my real name so be it.

blackwavecruiser on

I mean, it’s pretty simple really. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Move on.

Phil DeLong on

Privacy? What privacy?

Of course Google and Facebook want your real name. You are the "product" that they "market" to individuals who would like to purchase. How else do you think they make all their money? Ads and your personal information (and photos as well, I might add).

EriOzet5 on

Well, he's made it clear that Google has fully embraced evil. I'll be deleting my Google+ account and discouraging anyone else from using it.

bblackmoor@ on

When a company makes money by selling your information, of COURSE they want your real name. hard to sell information about people named "Sad Daze."

LupusPete on

Are you applauding this stance? Or staying far away from Google+?

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