Breakfast links: Larry Ellison probably pretty mad right about now

Plus: Everyone on Twitter's a fake! Well, most everyone.

  1. Dan Tynan: Is anyone on Twitter real? [ITworld]
  2. Consultant hacked into computers to steal financial info, nude pics [ITworld]
  3. AT&T/T-Mobile merger: Not dead yet [ITworld]
  4. Lenovo delivers $199 Android tablet [ITworld]
  5. Windows Phone 7 Mango hits stores; will anyone care? [ITworld]
  6. Chris Nerney: Sony Ericsson not worried about Google-Motorola tie-up [ITworld]
  7. Yet another iPhone prototype lost at bar [ITworld]
  8. Facebook to offer weird mishmosh of music services [ITworld]
  9. Lenovo "Ultrabook" thinner, more expensive than Macbook Air [ITworld]
  10. Judge overturns Oracle victory over SAP, Ellison no doubt infuriated [ITworld]
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