Michael Arrington leaves TechCrunch/AOL for VC 'CrunchFund'

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Anyone surprised by Michael Arrington leaving TechCrunch, now owned by AOL, must not have been paying attention to his less-than-happy comments about his new owners. AOL bought TechCrunch last September, and it's standard for the new owners to demand the owner of the purchased company stays for a year to smooth the transition.

AOL said the expected nice things, such as Arrington will still be writing for them, and they also put up $10 million for his new CrunchFund. That's half of the $20 million reported to be in the fund. When the TechCrunch purchase price of $25 million was reported last year, many speculated there could be more money in the deal, so this could be a "goodbye payment" for Arrington.

Arrington, often criticized for writing about companies where he has a financial interest, is a controversy magnet. This time is exactly the same, as few people seem to trust the official version from either Arrington or AOL. And AOL gets some bricks thrown at it, as well.

Yea Michael

He could serve up some drama, but one thing most people will agree on, he has always cheered for and egged on startups and the ecosystem. Simply for that, I wish him good luck.

ayanb on news.ycombintaor.com

Glad to see he's still writing for TC. If I notice MA's name in the byline, I usually read it.

breck on news.ycombinator.com

I hope he gives his fellow investors hell. Good luck.

awkwardquestion on guardian.co.uk

Good riddance

You don't get to pick and choose which ethics you adhere to. Arrington's dodge has always been "I'm not a journalist," so he shouldn't have to adhere to journalistic ethics. But if you report on news, you're a reporter, simple as that.

jeffreymcmanus on news.ycombinator.com

After his appalling lack of business nous during the whole CrunchPad debacle, I wouldn't place much value on Arrington's advice re investments, to be honest.

nomster on guardian.co.uk

Arianna is now saying that Arrington will not have writing privileges and that he no longer works for Techcrunch at all.

guelo on news.ycombinator.com

He was good for a while, until he started investing in startups his blog was covering

okubax on guardian.co.uk

AOL still clueless

Did someone at AOL yell: Abandon ship!!! Save yourselves!

Eliot Spitzer on businessinsider.com

I think Topolsky put it best on Twitter: It's the "end of an error".

Encino Man on businessinsider.com

Will you miss Michael Arrington on TechCrunch? Why?

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