Apple flips, offers previous Final Cut Studio software again

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New software is always better than old software, right? Not according to thousands of vocal Apple customers who mourned the old Final Cut Studio software when it was updated by Final Cut Pro X. Outrage at the new UI, the loss of bundled products, and lack of backwards comparability made Apple do something rare: admit a mistake.

While Apple has relented and made Final Cut Studio available once again (call to order), they said, "As we've done before with many end-of-life software products, we have a limited quantity of Final Cut Studio still available through Apple telesales to customer who need them for ongoing products." Unfortunately, AppleInsider called to place an order but telesales has apparently not gotten the memo.

When Final Cut Pro X came out this June, the lower price ($299 vs $999) seemed like a deal. But Final Cut Studio came with many more software modules, and Pro X was judged no better than "iMovie Pro" by many users. In other words, not good enough for the video professionals making their living with Apple video software. Final Cut Studio: The Return has been met with some interesting comments.

Bruised Apple

Good first move, Mr. Cook.

SpamSandwich on

Steve Jobs: "Tim, I leave the company for ONE WEEK..."

dlux on

Apple screwed up by EOLing FCP 7, before FCP X was robust enough to replace most FCP 7 functions -- this gave the install base no place to go. This is a good first step to fixing that!

Dick Applebaum on

Given that the old version is $700 more than the new version this 'offer' is only aimed at those people who really really need the high end professional functions stripped from the new version of FCP (and they'll probably be cursing Apple and muttering something about switching to Avid as they place the order).

dagw on

Shiny Apple

The good thing about it being released is that professionals who may be replacing all of their non-intel Macs with new Macs can buy the product. Also, any professional facility that is expanding will need to get the software compatible to what they already have.

eggbert_o_monkey on

I'm not sure that this actualy means anything. Just a pragmatic move while they get the pro features into FCPX.

junklight on

It's business

I bet Adobe was just drooling over Apple's foray into alienating professional users.

mhungry on

I'm not big fan of M$ either but you guys should stop using it as scapegoat for Apple's mistakes. Apple made an incredible stupid move with iMovie Pro and EOLing Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server and Xserver. They were a trusted platform at an enterprise level. But Apple broke that trust by the way they chose to handle the iMovie Pro issue. No fanboy rhetoric can change that fact.

ss000kk on

those looking to move up from FCP X will have to go with either Avid or Adobe.

pavlov on

Of course, Avid Media Composer costs at least $3000 so they will probably just stay with FCP.

DrJokepu on

Did Apple cave, or listen to their customers? (Cave / Listen)

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