Kinect game fulfills dream of being virtual jockey

Watching people play Kinect is weirder than actually playing Kinect

I recently got a Kinect adapter for my Xbox 360, and have been having modest amounts of fun playing some of its motion-control games for things like sports (kicking a ball, or playing virtual table tennis) and exercise, and even driving (Kinect JoyRide). Yes, it's fun, but only if you're playing the game. If you're just watching someone else do it, or watching videos of people playing the game, it's not that interesting, and it usually looks like people are dancing badly (even in the dancing games like Dance Central) or flailing about like a goofball.

Witness the video advertising the game Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer, in which our demonstrator proceeds to become a virtual jockey and win a steeplechase race:

All I can add is, thank goodness they showed the screen shot alongside the flailing, otherwise I'd be worried about what he's doing. Oh, and it's even more fun with two players! Sadly, the game may only be available in Europe, where horse racing is more popular apparently than here in the states.

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