TechCrunch, AOL, and Michael Arrington soap opera continues

Credit: Source: jdlasica/Flickr

Daytime soap operas may be fading, but the angst, anger, and catty remarks have moved to AOL and TechCrunch. Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, sold out to AOL a year ago, then started behaving as if auditioning for a daytime Emmy. Now AOL may fire Arrington, close TechCrunch, or let soap star #2, Arianna Huffington, clean house.

The latest scene full of actors all looking shocked, shocked? MG Siegler, well known TechCrunch writer, posted "TechCrunch As We Know It My Be Over" on, where else, TechCrunch. Cue the looks of horror and outrage, and start the weeping.

Throw in a new villain, the New York Times and David Carr's article "A Tech Blogger Who Leaps Over the Line" and you get more scenery chewing ham acting. On one side is the authority figure (NYT) while the insiders band together to protest all is fine. One thing is for sure: this show will have a slam-bang third act soon.

Sad days

Arrington is the Rush Limbaugh of the tech world..

Travis Stanley on

Clash of egos - never was a sustainable model. All it took was a $2-4MM investment in a subscale VC fund to give Mike a goodbye kiss. Next bet: 2 months before he starts dissing his old overloads more pointedly.

Leggo My Ego! on

IMHO the greatest threat to TC is not Arrington leaving. It is the CrunchFund, and the erosion of TCs integrity and credibility that will come with it.

Kavan on

Comments on Michael

i always like it when people paint a big "fire me now"-sign on their forehead. it's bold, it's cool and he will find another job anyway (or maybe start a startup instead of just bitching about them)

franze on

Several years ago Arrington and I were headed to some conference and I asked him about how he sees himself. Did he consider himself a blogger or a journalist, I asked. His answer stuck with me all this time: "I'm an entertainer."

Robert Scoble on

Look this is all pretty simple: Mike wants to get fired.

cletus on

Boring. Next?

to arrington, $30 mill was more important than having the "techcrunch we know."

John Fernandez on

corporate/techcrunch needs arrington to contribute pieces and show up at big conferences, and not to interfere with running the business. arianna needs to eradicate this exception to her editorial policies. arrington needs an outlet and a way to be a player in the Valley. everyone is getting what they need. what could go wrong?

junglove on

TechCrunch's days were numbered the day Arrington sold it to AOL. The honeymoon rarely lasts more than a year, so this is right on time.

staunch on

Do you think this is all about A) journalistic integrity in technology, or B) Let's make a soap opera!

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