Do you really want to SEE your Facebook friends? Users react

Drumroll please, said Mark Zuckerberg, preparing the world for the next Big Thing. Then, wow, we get a Skype plugin to Facebook.

Desktop videoconferencing has been available, but underused, for years and years. Will Facebook break down the barriers between smiling faces? Or will this plan fail like all the other desktop VC initiatives in the past?

The real question is whether you want to see all the your Facebook friends. If your friends list is like mine, it's littered with people I met once somewhere, kind of maybe know, or went to school with. In my case, the school time was long, long ago. Do you want people from your dark past peering at you through your monitor?

Erm... big deal...Now they can find out what you sound like... -- mrkristopherson
I like the implementation, but thought the idea of Facebook was to get away from having to talk to people. Plus, I'm ugly - I'll just get people calling me to mock! -- Goffee,
Checked in briefly this morning and Chat was turned on, so people could pester me. I sincerely wish Facebook would just leave my privacy settings alone when they're changing or introducing new features. Wankers. -- Escapade,

GigaOm did a good article about the technical details of integrating Skype into Facebook. But as always with Facebook, privacy issues appeared.

I'm not certain, but hopeful. It is one thing to have a Skype call. Another when that call gets recorded and memorialized and shared. -- Arnold Waldstein
Still I salute Facebook for doing everything it can to give the most of the service to its patrons -- Lawrence Callboy, also on GigaOm

Since Microsoft just bought Skype for a whopping $8.5 Billion (USD), some people worry about the result. The Seattle Times did a story called Comparing Facebook to Skype video chat.

This is not good. I get great resolution and response time using the current Skype product. The product is degraded within Facebook, and Microsoft just got involved. Wait until Microsoft has more time to influence product direction, and we’ll have another SideKick on our hands. -- tompage, The Seattle Times

Now be honest: do you really want to SEE some of your Facebook friends? (Yes/No). Second, if there's a possibility these chats will be recorded, will you use the system? (Yes/No).

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