Breakfast links: Music pirates playing a new game

Also: Toshiba hopes to hit where Motorola missed

pirate_tape.jpgSource: alyceobvious/Flickr

•The media industry has decided to take a more lenient attitude towards file sharing with its new "six strikes and you're out" law, though in the process it will offend baseball purists. If you're going to not have three of them, maybe don't call them "strikes"? [Time]

Toshiba is getting ready to unleash the Thrive, the latest Android Honeycomb tablet that everyone thinks will be the Honeycomb tablet that will change the tablet market, for real this time. [IBT]

•Over the past five months, Verizon has earned a third of the iPhone market (and keep in mind that AT&T's been selling the thing for nearly four years). [TGD]

•Meanwhile, both kinds of iPhones continue to be a menace to drivers. [Reuters]

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