Breakfast links: Google making friends in Japan

Also: Surprise! Groupon wants your personal data

Credit: Source: Stringer Japan/Reuters

•Japan is a market where Google has long had difficulty achieving the dominance it's found elsewhere. But the company has responded with gusto to the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake there, assembling a Person Finder site to help people find relatives and using Street View cars to document reconstruction efforts. [NYT]

•Meanwhile, Google +1 buttons are popping up everywhere online, to the extent that they now outnumber Tweet buttons. [IBT]

•Did you get an email full of small print from Groupon this past weekend, which you saw didn't involve a half-off cupcake deal and which you therefore ignored? Well, it told you that the company will be sharing more of your data with advertisers, FYI. [WP]

•Oh yeah, all the cheap electronic junk we get from China probably has malware in it or whatever. [CW]

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