Wages stay strong for in-demand skills

As economists and analysts debate the resurgence of a tech bubble, some organizations are struggling to cope with a talent shortage that is almost unbelievable, given the high unemployment rate. Tech giants in Silicon Valley, the Pacific Northwest, Texas and the Mid-Atlantic corridor are sorting through hundreds of thousands of rsums, searching for the niche skill sets that will take their organizations (and the industry as a whole) to the next level.

This talent shortage comes with a silver lining for the professionals who possess these valuable skills: rising wages. Across the board, we at Yoh are witnessing a 3% quarter-over-quarter uptick in tech wages and salaries. However, there are some skill sets for which the demand, and consequently the salaries, are much higher.

Mobility. The demand for workers qualified in mobile and Web application development has greatly outpaced the supply, so the tech professionals who posses these hot niche skills are able to command higher pay. As a result, salaries for full-time workers with this skill set are up 12%. For contractors , they're up 30%. As these skills become integrated into the curriculum of many college programs and the pool of experienced professionals grows, wages will likely level out. For now, though, the earning potential in this field is strong.

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