Breakfast links: Google gets on the e-reader train

The iRiver Story: Bringing Google's eBookstore to the masses, maybe Credit: Source: Andrew Mason/Flickr

Plus: The Facebook phone is coming, sort of


•Google's eBookstore hasn't exactly set the world on fire, possibly because it's not available on any actual ebook reader. That's about to change with the coming introduction of Sony's iRiver Story HD (which, despite the name, is a typical black-and-white e-ink reader and not high-definition by any, er, definition). [LAT]

•Speaking of e-readers, the consortium that owns Philadelphia's two daily newspapers plans to just give subscribers Android tablets that come preloaded with the newspapers' apps. [AP]

•The Facebook phone is coming soon from HTC, if by "Facebook phone" you mean "an Android phone with a dedicated Facebook button." [PCMag]

Facebook privacy is so simultaneously important and confusing that companies are raising millions of dollars to build products to help manage it. [SF Gate]

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