'Deranged' neighbor gets 18 years for terror campaign conducted WiFi

Learned to crack WEP from a beginner's book; posted porn, threats from neighbor's net

LulzSec and Anonymous have been raising the blood pressure of the whole IT industry, not to mention Sony, the CIO, the Senate, Booz Allen Hamilton and half the hacker community.

They've done some damage, embarrassed some people, cost others a lot of money.

For pure malicious idiocy, though, they have nothing on Barry Ardolf.

Ardolf, 46, was convicted of repeatedly hacking into his next-door neighbor's WiFi network in order to use it as a source from which to launch as many extravagantly evil, prosecutable things as he could.

He downloaded child porn, posted it on a MySpace page that could be easily traced back to the neighbor, sent threatening email to politicians, including the vice president and tried to attract as much attention as he could by setting up a MySpace page with kiddie porn and bragged, under the neighbor's name that he was such a good lawyer he could get away with anything because he'd claim his page was hacked if he were caught.

His efforts got the neighbor, Matt Kostolnik a visit from the Secret Service and some very serious conversations with his bosses, who thought he was the culprit.

It was only after Kostolnik's bosses hired investigators to examine the logs on his router that they discovered the bad traffic was coming from outside and figured out it must be Ardolf.

The FBI got the warrant that got them into Ardolf's house, where they found beginner's-guide instruction books on hacking WEP encryption with incriminating notes in the margins.

Ardolf was apparently offended the neighbors considered him a dangerous pedophile after he kissed their 4-year-old boy on the lips the day they moved in.

Ardolf turned down a plea deal in 2009 that would have sent him to prison for two years for threatening Joe Biden.

He went through a trial in which the prosecutor painted him as deranged psychic terrorist using his computer as a tool to torture the neighbors.

Ardolf was convicted in 2010 and was just sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Hope you get a good WiFi signal from there, Barry.

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