Breakfast links: Android at the movies

Also: iPhone tea-leaf readings

Android Market screenshot.

•Deciding that there may actually be something to this "people like watching movies and reading books on their phones and tablets" business, Google has made it possible to buy movies and books via the Android Market. [Telegraph]

•It is the time in the iPhone product cycle when people are desperately grasping at the slightest shred of information about the next iPhone! Does an Apple job ad for phone sales staff indicate that the iPhone 5 will launch on August 16, and have 4G capabilities? Sure, why not. [IBT].

•Meanwhile, Microsoft is envisioning Window Phone 7s at less than $100, which seems like a pretty good idea, actually. [TG Daily]

Mark Zuckerberg, having gathered an excellent staff around him to work on Facebook's next-generation features, is now spending most of his time tweaking his Google+ profile. [Inqi

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