Breakfast links: Google+ conquers the (male) world

Also: Geek squad ... in ... space!

larry_page_290x218.jpgSource: Steve Rhodes/Flickr
Google CEO Larry Page boasted about Google+'s take up yesterday.

•During Google's earnings call yesterday, CEO Larry Page waxed enthusiastically about Google+'s rapid take-up, saying that only days after launch the new service has 10 million users and 2.3 billion daily shares. Which means ... every user is sharing 2,000 items a day? No, those shares are from the Google +1 button now being festooned all over the Internet (they'll be arriving here at your ITworld any day now). Page also did not mention that something like three-quarters of these early users are men. [IBT/CNet]

•Another thing Larry Page didn't mention: The fact that the wide availability of frighteningly accurate Google search is causing the human race's biological memory to slowly atrophy.[Telegraph]

•Having only arrived in America mere days ago, Spotify is already thinking about future markets. [FT]

•What's the worst place you can imagine having a computer failure? How about in orbit? The crew of Atlantis had to fix their spaceship's computer systems by transferring the duties of a nonresponsive machine to other similar gadgets in the craft. As you might expect from aging technology like the shuttle, these so-called General Purpose Computers are not exactly cutting edge: they have about 1 MB of RAM. [El Reg]

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