Spotify sounds off stateside

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You've heard about it, your European friends have bragged they have it and you don't, and you want it: Spotify, the streaming music service. Now you can get it, according to this story on

Rumors of Spotify appearing in the US have swirled around for a couple of years. Regionalized IP addresses effectively block access to the US, try though we might. Since we can't get Spotify here, we assume it's far better than the services we can get, like Pandora, Rhapsody, Rdio, MOG, etc etc etc. Gizmodo asks why it took so long to get to the US.

You'll Love This, Yanks

The pricing is a lot cheaper than in Norway, but even here I think its cheap ($18 / month for premium) and would gladly have paid four-fold if that was the cost. -- Nervetattoo on

4.99 USD a month for unlimited? It's 4.99 GBP a month in the UK, which is more like 8.00 USD. That's not fair!

1:1 pricing aside, it's very good news that they're launching in the US.

-- udp on

Why Does This Matter?

I use Spotify and wonder what America will think of the following two problems:

1. Crappy search (You don't get suggestions)

2. Not all artists are on there (Beatles for example) and they are somewhat slow on putting up new music

-- c4urself on
How does this compare to Zune Pass? Looks like it's a cheaper monthly fee, but can you actually download the songs to your computer/phone, or is it stream only? And do you get to keep any songs per month like Zune Pass lets you do? -- jchanski21 on
I don't understand why they don't have a web app, especially when competitors like, Grooveshark, and others do. -- revorad on

Still Sad and Waiting for Spotify

Still not in all parts of Europe. I'm in Ireland, a fellow eurozone country, and I still can't get it. -- rmc on

Are you delirious with excitement at getting Spotify in the States? (Yes/No). Will Spotify potentially be the service you actually pay to use?

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