Breakfast links: MySpace founder has some advice for social networking upstarts

Also: Google News's revenge can be cruel

Tom is in your network!

Tom Anderson, the MySpace cofounder whose face was omnipresent among everyone's Top 8 from 2003 until 2006, is keen on Google+, but he worries that Google's love of algorithms will result in the company offering to filter your social stream for you, when that's something that should be under human control. (He also insists that MySpace wasn't killed by Facebook, but "committed suicide.) [TC]

•Speaking of social networking sites, Hacker/hacktivist group Anonymous has decided to form its such site, AnonPlus. Will Tom Anderson have words of wisdom for this faceless mass? [Wired]

•A consortium of Belgian newspapers, having successfully sued to remove themselves from Google News, is now outraged that Google has removed them from Google Search as well. AP]

•Have you ever wanted a ten-pound, $2,400 laptop with dual screens? Well, now's your chance! [AnandTech]

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