No smart phone? Facebook still loves you

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Mobile news focuses on smart phones, with the iPhone leading the hype, and the various Android phones getting higher profiles every day. Facebook found that mobile phone users are twice as active on their accounts as non-mobile users (according to CNET). Let's hope that fool drifting into your lane on the highway isn't begging for help building a barn on Farmville, but ... he's got a smart phone, so watch out.

Facebook's problem here is that only 35 percent of all American adults have smart phones. About 83 percent of all adults total have cell phones, but only 42 percent of those are smart ones. Based on people I see, 80 percent of those are young adults who live on Facebook.

So Facebook has released an app for about 2,500 models of non-smart phones, called "dumb phones" by the industry. This no doubt came from an acquisition not long ago. But do people appreciate all this effort, or do they buy dumb phones for a reason?

Dying to get more Facebook

The Windows Phone facebook app is really clean and fast. Very easy on the eyes and easy to use. However, it's nice that facebook put out an app which looks good even even on feature phones. Justin76here on
If you have a simple phone, expect simple features and interface, including facebook. Don't expect a smartphone-like interface... although I do acknowledge the fact it is pretty simple, yes. But I think they've done a great job with the interface which allows you to access most parts of facebook. Truth_untold on
I just installed it on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and I don't like it. It is incredibly slow, time-consuming to use because you have to press a lot of buttons to navigate to the different area's of the site, and the graphics look bad. jack_cola on

Trying to avoid Facebook

Besides, I have seen other 'apps' that are on the dumb phones try to mimic regular apps on smart phones and they are usually clunky at best. Sparxx2k7 on
"Dumb" phones are not a thing of the past so making facebook mobile friendly for all phones and not just smartphones is great. Even on my Nokia Xpress Music I found the facebook app to be a bit rubbish - It's great on the new HTC Wildfire S tho. Rachel Winspear on

Where do you stand?

Some may not want their phone to fill up with tweets, pokes, and Farmville requests (yours truly). Did you purposefully NOT buy a smart phone to be able to avoid email, tweets, pokes, and MafiaWars? (Yes/No). If you have a dumb phone, are you thrilled that at least now you can download an app and get pokes and MafiaWars? (Yes/No).

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