Microsoft will pay $250K for a botnet (er...the controllers of one -- Rustock)

Microsoft helped close down the massive spam-spewing botnet this sprig but the culprits are still at large.

Want to make some quick money?

Have some shady friends and lots of experience on the slimy(er) side of Internet marketing?

Do you eat Spam, Spam, eggs and Spam, or Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam?

If the latter get medical help.

If the former, you may be in line for the $250,000 Microsoft just offered as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the owners of the Spam-spewing Rustock Bonet, which Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit helped take down several months ago.

While the FBI did raid several warehouses and confiscate a lot of computer equipment, it did not arrest any of the ringleaders.

Microsoft would like to change that, in the usual way for a software company: it wants to pay other people to do it.

a href="" "_blank">According to Threatpost:

"While the primary goal for our legal and technical operation has been to stop and disrupt the threat that Rustock has posed for everyone affected by it, we also believe the Rustock bot-herders should be held accountable for their actions," Richard Boscovich, senior attorney in the Microsoft DCU, said in a blog post."

Anyone, in any country is eligible, but the smart money is on nobody. Or maybe the FBI

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