Why video and the cloud don't mix, according to Cisco

Video will be the next big challenge for the enterprise network, Cisco says

To hear Cisco tell it at its Cisco Live conference, the next-generation network will be nothing but video. But if you are hoping to offload video as a cloud service, think again, says Guido Jouret, Cisco's vice president of enterprise video and CTO of emerging technology.

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"Video and cloud in some cases do go together, but in some case are polar opposites," he says. "Even if you as an enterprise had no concerns about taking your internal sensitive videos and posting them to some cloud video service like YouTube, it would still be a bad idea," he says. And that's because all the people watching those videos will be your employees. Every time they press play on the video, that video will have to stream through your Internet gateway and over your skinny corporate WAN link. "Talk about single point of failure and chokepoint. So, topologically it's a really poor choice of where to put the video. With video, because it's so big and so sensitive, topology matters. That's not the same with hosted email. Email is skinny."

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