Murdoch denies blame; avoids attack with pie; could get smeared by emails

Joke attack mars testimony less than blanket denial of responsibility

Seeing LulzSec pwn major News Corp. properties is amusing– especially given the irony of hackers being punished by being hacked.

What would really make the scandal juicy and give the public the kind of details News of the World got by breaking into the voice mail of nearly everyone in England, would be a big pile of email from a top editor at News of the World or The Sun discussing whose voice mail should be hacked next and why.

LulzSec is promising to do something like that later today, by posting what it says is a big bunch of mail it got from servers at The Sun while its crew was in there rewriting the rough draft of the tabloidy version of history.

AnonymousSabu – one of the main LulzBoaters, who is also prominent in Anonymous – posted on Twitter last night the supposed email password of Rebekah Brooks, a top Murdoch lieutenant who was an editor at The Sun until 2009 and then at News of the World.

Hers was among the email addresses and passwords posted last night as part of The Sun hack.

She was also arrested earlier this week for her involvement, and is being dragged up to testify in front of parliament today.

We don't know yet whether there is a pile of stolen emails or whose, for sure, they are. Some of the phone numbers Sabu released are of former employees of The Sun, not current ones of News of the World or News International.

No post yet, but a Tweet at 11:30 described Sabu as "still working on my dump."

Presumably that means "data dump," and that the email files will go up sometime today.

Murdoch talks to parliament; points finger; avoids pie

Despite being attacked by a man with a pie – who was fended off partly by Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng Murdoch – media emperor Rupert Murdoch appeared before parliament earlier today to try to explain his role in the phone hacking scandal.

[The guy with the pie was comedian Johnnie Marbles, who walked into the hearing wearing a checked flannel shirt, walked up to the seated Murdoch and tried to squash a cream pie into his face. Murdoch's wife lunged for Marbles and swung at the comedian overhand as Marbles was overpowered and taken away.]

It's a misnomer to call it THE phone hacking scandal, because the decisions leading to the acts that led to the scandal were all made by individuals, on their own responsibility or, possibly talking with low-level managers to make one-on-one, this-time-only decisions to hack the voice mails of more than 4,000 people over the course of 10 years at News of the World and other Murdoch papers.

"I'm not really in touch" with those kinds of day to day decisions, Murdoch said, though News Corp. staffers frequently tell interviewers (anonymously) that Murdoch gets involved with even relatively small editorial decisions at the papers he owns, which include the Wall Street Journal.

The phone hacks were the work of a few rogue reporters, none of the top managers or any of the Murdoch family had any role in the decisions, or even had any direct knowledge of them, he testified.

Everything was "the work of the people I employed or perhaps the people they employed.”

"Mr. Murdoch do you accept you are ultimately responsible for this whole fiasco?" ABCNews quotes MP Jim Sheridan as asking.

"No," replied Murdoch.

There you go. That's wrapped up.

Wonder what the emails will say?

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