Breakfast links: MacBook Air contains no big surprises

Also: Larry Page, under oath!

larry_page_290x218.jpgSource: Steve Rhodes/Flickr

•iFixit has performed its usual ritual sacrifice of the latest MacBook Air and found no big surprises inside -- most of the really exciting changes happened during the last form-factor change -- although the SSD does appear to be user-replaceable. [iFixit]

•As the Oracle-Google Java lawsuit rumbles on, Larry Page may be called to the stand. [SlashGear]

Nokia's bad numbers don't just paint a grim portrait of the quarter that just happened; they don't hold out any hope for the next few quarters, either. And then the best case scenarios call for magic to happen when the WP7 phones finally arrive. [GigaOm]

•Apple's iPad sales tripled compared to this quarter last year, although the company has lost the near-total stranglehold they had on the market by virtue of basically creating said market. [PC Mag]

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