Breakfast links: Nokia tries to tread water

Also: Look for more Google products, apparently!

nokian9_290x218.pngSource: Antti Vilpponen/Flickr
The Nokia N9: Too little, too late?

Nokia is set to release its numbers! Nobody expects them to be very good. Mostly people are hoping to hear that the company is still on track to release its Windows Phone 7 phones by the end of the year. One charitable analyst notes that the N9, the end result of a platform Nokia spent millions of dollars on only to abandon, is "a sign that Nokia can still build attractive devices." [AP]

Google is focusing more heavily on "products," and relatively newly anointed CEO Larry Page wants to remind its thousands of workers that they are in "startup mode." Speaking of startup mode, nobody should be nervous that Google has not found a way to make money from Android beyond mobile search traffic yet. [AFP]

•Microsoft will be adding tools making its Azure cloud more attractive to researchers, with a little help from Google's MapReduce. [IW]

•Lots of people seem to like Toshiba's Thrive Android tablet, except for the part where it goes to sleep and then you can't wake it up. [WP]

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