135 terabytes for (relatively) cheap

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Need some serious backup space? There are hundreds of companies offering online backup more and more cheaply every day, and BackBlaze.com is one of them. But they're different in they have pioneered ways to build out huge disk farms for relatively little money. Even better, they make their plans available so others can build the same disk storage units. ZDNET.com, among others, posted the story.

BackBlaze did this back in 2009, and they've done it again. Now, with 3 terabyte (TB) disks available and other advances since 2009, the BackBlaze Storage Pod can cram 135TB into a 4U rack mounted chassis. Heating and cooling, and vibration dampening, are up to the builder. When you put 45 drives in one chassis, at prices far below those big boys, geeks pay attention.

Way cool

I'm not building one of these... But it is interesting to know how it can be done.

Techload Sites Bibeirao Preto on extremetech.com
That's one of the greatest (and most nerdy) videos I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing :) Sebastian Anthony on extremetech.com

same price to build as last year.. yet twice the storage. they must have used 1.5gb drives last year. and they must have got a really really good price on 3tb drives.

Dromo on extremetech.com

Great business

The IT department here researched almost 10 different solutions for storage of our backups. This is by far the best storage/dollar solution we found.

Dsumner25 on zdnet.com

How do I get 135TB for $7348? The headline talks about it, the article doesn't seem to.

Mark Rogowsky on techcrunch.com
Smart. I would like 1% of what they probably pay for cooling the place! :-) George Maluk on extremetech.com

Beware, high dollar storage vendors

If we had a similar solution for networking fabric then consumers and businesses could telll the likes of Amazon, M$ and other cloud providers what to do with their public offerings. There is surely a huge opportunity for a new company to undercut the usual suspects.

Johnfenjackson@... on zdnet.com

The costs of decentralization is also less than the competition for the same reason that a single site costs less.

Jessepollard on zdnet.com

It's funny whenever I see these analyses they always leave out the cost it takes to keep people around who's job it is to keep this stuff running.

Fdumlao on zdnet.com

Are you ready to jump into a storage pool with 135TB of space? If not, how much disk space for under $7,400 will really get you excited?

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