Breakfast links: Mozilla stumbles after Chrome

Plus: Netflix finds that angering customers isn't profitable


•The Mozilla Foundation is plotting its response to the Google Chrome OS with a browser-based operating system for cell phones and tablets. The OS is still in its "infancy," so look for the mobile landscape to have changed radically three or four times before the project is complete. [BBC]

Netflix's warned investors that customers angry over the recent price hike will definitely have an impact on the company's bottom line. [NYT]

•Longtime Microsoft software maven Bob Muglia was just tapped for the newly created top software job at Juniper Networks. The fact that Juniper Networks is creating a top software job says a lot about how much networking these days involves managing virtual appliances. [eWeek]

•Manufacturers keep trying to cram 3D onto smartphones, even though there's no evidence that anyone, anywhere wants this feature. [CNet]

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