Would you implant the Internet in your brain?

Web video series explores world with always-on Internet merged with humans

Check out this trailer for a new Web series produced by Bryan Singer, known for the first two X-Men movies and The Usual Suspects. The H+ series, which will debut this fall online in 48-episode segments of about three- to six-minutes each, explores a world about 20 years in the future. In this future, about a third of the world has a computer system called H+ implanted into their brains, giving them an always-on Internet experience. But things go wrong when a virus strikes the network, causing billions to die.

Learn more about the series here - Ellen Messmer from Network World spoke with the writers of the series.

Having the Internet or technology embedded into people's brains is not a new concept - it's been explored before in science-fiction stories and other "cyberpunk" stories for years. I remember reading a book called "Hardwired" when I was in my 20s that explored this concept, and was always fascinated with this idea. What seemed like science fiction back then is coming closer and closer to reality.

This begs the question - if a company was able to produce a brain implant (or other body part) that could give you always-on Internet access, would you be a participant? What if Steve Jobs and Apple introduced the product? For example, if Jobs came out on stage at the Moscone Center and announced the new "iBrain", would you jump at the chance?

My first thought would be, "Heck, no", but I can guarantee that if Apple and Jobs were behind the project, there'd be lines around the block at the health clinic waiting for an injection.

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