Breakfast links: Mango in Japan

Also: The government continues its cloud moves

wp7_mango_600x450_1.jpgSource: Microsoft Sweden/Flickr

Mango, the much-anticipated first major update to Windows Phone 7, is here! If by "here" you mean "Japan." The rest of us will have to wait months to get our hands on them. [El Reg]

Pixazza is a startup that's going in the opposite direction of most: it began as a company that embedded advertising into photos, offering links to places where you could buy things you see in an image, but now it wants to go beyond advertising to link out to editorial content. [GigaOm]

•OS X Lion is subject to a growing list of malware, though none of it seems particularly widely prevalent at the moment. [PCMag]

•17,000 employees at the U.S. General Services Agency have been freed from the shackles of Lotus Notes and are now enjoying cloud-based e-mail from Google. [NextGov]

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