The next great Star Wars game

The Old Republic may be hotly anticipated, but this student project shows off an exciting game we didn't even know we wanted.

Fleet Command, the game you see here, is the work of computer science masters student Arthur Nishimoto. The project is running on a 16-megapixel LCD multi-touch wall, and it uses a series of swipes and radial menus to command massive Star Wars-inspired fleets.

Of course, as a student project, this isn't officially sanctioned by LucasArts, but he's already being reached out to by companies who see his potential. Nishimoto said, "I've received a few e-mails that have expressed interest in my work, including some from LucasArts."

You can read more about the game's development and other projects Nishimoto's working on over on his blog. And we definitely expect to hear more about this talented developer in the near future.

You can also check out the one-on-one version of the game in this video.

(via GiantBomb)

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