How to give your browser the Windows 8 look

Windows 8 isn't out yet, but you don't have to wait to get a taste of it in your browser. You can get the neat tiled look in your current browser to whet your appetite for the real thing when it finally arrives.

Here's how to customize your browser to give it the Windows 8 look.

1. Download the folder contents here.

2. Copy the pathname by clicking in the Windows Explorer address bar.

3. Paste this into your browser's address bar and add \index.htm to the end of the pasted path.

3. If you're using Firefox just set the address as your home page.

4. If you're using Internet Explorer, you need to do a bit more customizing. See the original article for full details but be aware that it could affect your security settings adversely.


Give Your Browser a Windows 8 Look | PC Magazine

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