Smartphone addicted? But I can quit anytime!

They don't call it crackberry for nuthin'


According to a study (PDF) in the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, people obsessively check their smartphones. No, not you, of course not you. Wait – you just checked, didn't you?

Call it the need to stay connected or call it obsessive-compulsive, but study subjects checked their phones an average of 34 times per work day. Many checked every 10 minutes, looking for about 30 seconds each time, aside from when they received a notification they had a message or answered a voice call (how old fashioned – voice calls on a smartphone).

Evidently, the brain likes the feeling of importance it gets when an email verifies the person in important. Guess they get better email than I do, because little of my mail makes me feel significant to society. But smartphone owners become programmed by their attention-needy brains to check their phones on an unconscious level. Many people don't even realize they're checking their phones while with friends or in an important meeting.

I'm important and this is OK

Sorry, I was checking my email. could you repeat that?

norcalmojo on

I habitually check my Blackberry — there is a good reason why it is called by some a “Crack” berry. If it weren’t for Shabat I’d never turn it off.

Charliehall on

Avoiding other humans

I've seen co-workers constantly check emails / texts during meetings or, worse yet, while they are supposedly in a one-to-one conversation.

Buckeye53 on

These people constantly checking their phones look like little babies with the thumb of one hand in their mouth and the other dragging their little blankie behind them.

iluvu2 on

The only time I've constantly check my cel phone is I'm surrounded by strangers in a tight waiting room.i.e., clinic, bank, or sitting at a food court in a mall. Just to avoid eye contact to people across from you. Other than that, I couldn't care less who calls or who I missed.

Texasweb on

Good thing I don’t have internet access on my phone!! But I guess if I lived in NY and was waiting on the subway and other places I’d have that and maybe internet TV too!

basket of radishes on

A new excuse to hate cell phones

I'm all for technology, but I can't stand my cell phone. I consider it a necessary evil.

glassguy on

Further proof that the smarter the phone you have, the dumber you are.

Takingsides on

Where's the "No, I can't afford a smartphone / don't want one" option?

katzilla.dances on

Channeling George Carlin: Are the people who check their phones more than you idiots, and the ones who check less often morons? In other words, do you check your phone exactly the right amount, or do you need help?

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