Android has 46% of global smartphone share, but Apple has 2/3 of mobile phone profits

Two studies show Android's popularity, iPhone's profitability

Two studies released Friday tell you a lot about the mobile phone industry -- and especially about which player you'd rather be.

One report, from ABI Research, says Google's Android mobile OS had 46.4% of 103 million global smartphone OS shipments in the second quarter, dislodging Nokia from the top slot.

In fact, the troubled Finnish mobile device maker tumbled to third place with 16.7 million units shipped, behind Apple's 20.3 million units. Nokia's market share has fallen to 16% from 38% in the year-ago quarter.

Speaking of troubled, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion saw its Q2 smartphone market share fall to 13.2 million, 11% below last year's Q2 shipments.

If you’re Google, you’re psyched by this report, because it shows you with nearly half the smartphone OS market!

But if you're Apple, you're more psyched by this study, from market intelligence analyst Asymco, which shows the iPhone manufacturer capturing two-thirds of mobile phone profits in the second quarter, twice what Samsung (the biggest seller of Android smartphones), RIM and HTC made combined.

Market share is great, but it's all about the benjamins.

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