Apple-PayPal blame battle sticks Mac user with bill for 122 copies of Lion (when he only wanted one)

Customer out nearly $4,000 while two companies dodge responsibility for extra downloads

Talk about too much of a good thing.

All John Christman wanted on July 23 was a copy of OS X Lion, Apple's new operating system for Macintosh computers. So he went on the App Store and paid $31.79 (including sales tax) for his download.

Which he got -- 122 times. Christman also got billed by PayPal 122 times. When the smoke cleared, Christman's PayPal account was dinged to the tune of $3,878.40.

Fortunately, Apple and PayPal immediately began working together to solve this customer's problems, MacRumors reports! Oh, wait...

John got in touch with both PayPal and Apple support, but said both sides pointed fingers at each other. "Apple Blames PayPal, PayPal blames Apple. They both are claiming to investigate, but I am stuck broke for three days now."

Worse, while Christman's online billing indicates refunds for the 121 extra charges, the refunds aren't reflected in his account balance. He told MacRumors, "Apple claims there was only one transaction. When I told PayPal to dispute them, they closed the cases and marked the items as refunded on the 23rd. Bear in mind all this money was taken and never returned yet."

Christman says the screw-up leaves him without enough money to pay his mortgage, which is due by month's end. From my experience, it's not likely the mortgage company will accept payment in the form of multiple copies of a computer operating system. But maybe things have changed since the housing crisis.

Apple told MacRumors it would try to help Christman with his problem. Not sure why it would take more than a phone call or email.

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