Breakfast links: LulzSec's 'Topiary' out on bail

Also: Real money for pretend weapons in Diablo III

•Jake Davis, an 18-year-old Brit who's either LulzSec spokesperson Topiary or a hapless dupe, has been released on bail by British authorities. He is forbidden from using the Internet via phone or computer, or for having other people use it for him, which gives rise to the amusing image of him describing nefarious hacking techniques in detail to a friend. [Independent]

•Adobe is offering a peek at Edge, its tool for building HTML 5 animations. The program is more or less a confession that Apple isn't going to be allowing Flash on its increasingly lucrative iOS platform any time soon. [El Reg]

Samsung has suddenly become extremely cagey about the sales numbers for its phones and tablets, possibly because revealing them will somehow hurt their various patent lawsuits against Apple. (Or maybe they're just embarrassingly low?) [WSJ]

•Blizzard has announced some aspects of the upcoming Diablo III that are generating buzz: in-game auctions with real money, no offline play, and no mods. [Digital Trends]

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