Apple TV updated to work like you'd expect it to

Apple TV received an update yesterday, adding a feature that it probably already should have already had.

Caveat: I have no personal experience with Apple TV, so if I get any of these details wrong I trust an Apple TV owner will correct me.

From what I understand, prior to yesterday you could only stream rented content from Apple's servers. If you actually purchased a movie or a TV episode, you first would have to download the content to a computer on your home network, and you could then stream it to the Apple TV from that machine.

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds a little bit crazy? Why punish purchasers by forcing them into this two step process? No matter, it's no longer an issue since the update allows you to stream all your content from the cloud to your Apple TV, regardless of whether it's rented or purchased. In addition, you can now do all your browsing and buying from Apple TV as well.

The update also brought Vimeo support to Apple TV; another nice addition.

Electronista has a post about the update with lots of images. Ars Technica has some hands-on info and digs a bit deeper into the details of the update.

The timing of this update is curious, what with the Roku 2 releasing a couple weeks ago and the Logitech Revue seeing a radical price drop last week. Probably just a coincidence, but might Apple have been sitting on this update, waiting for the right time to use it to draw attention to itself?

Does this tin-foil hat make me look fat?

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