Blizzard says real bucks for Diablo 3 items

Credit: Blizzard

Those in the gaming world have been waiting for Diablo 3, an update to a popular game franchise from Blizzard, the folks that do World of Warcraft. The game should have been out by now, but unnamed delays (software) rule in the gaming world (as opposed to commercial software that always ships on time, right?). But Blizzard released some screenshots and news to keep their public happy, but it didn't work as expected.

Diablo 3 requires constant Internet connection, even in single player mode. That's new. Also, rather than using some in-world currency, Blizzard announced items can be sold and bought for real US dollars. That's a big difference, and speculation abounds. Could Wall Street start rolling Diablo 3 transactions together and sell them to their best dupes, er, customers? Stranger things have happened on Wall Street (see global financial meltdown).

Amazingly, the shy and retiring gamer community spoke up (/sarcasm).

This sucks

Thou hath failed me Blizzard...

Ravenchrome on

The constant online is just more of an annoying headache compared to what the auction house and real money for items will do. Way to kill online play Blizzard.

jaydhey on

Ebay should sue Blizzard for anti-competitive practices. If we can auction items why can't we auction them in our venue of choice?

xeoph on

Kaching$$ for me

On otherside it will be great to make some money by selling some loot/unique goods

Nenski on

As for the AH, I think it's genius. If I get some super-rare or unique item, you can be damn sure it's going up for sale

Rottenwood on

Holy crap, imagine a Hardcore character that has > $30 of items in it getting swarmed and decimated. That makes it all the more exciting with real money on the line, poker style.

Rory_O on

Greedy Blizzard going too far

Lets watch, I bet you blizzard will enact surcharges on real world money item transactions.

slysin on

I didn't realize the whole real world money auction house thing until now. That's incredibly shady and greedy. I guess I was wrong about Blizzard.

AzureLich on

You must pay Blizzard a listing and sale fee for selling your items through their Auction House. Granted it's a smart business move, similar to legalizing protitution and finally getting a taste of the action through taxes.

kWhittington on

Does Blizzard demanding real money for game items strike you as genius or greedy?

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