Big surprises coming in iPhone 5?

Tech world awaits Apple's smartphone upgrade

One upside to the long wait for a major tech product is the opportunity it provides for numerous speculative blog posts about the product's functions and features.

And here's my latest!

Apparently sources inside Apple's overseas supply chain (manufacturer?) say the iPhone 5, due in September, October or some other month, could include some major changes over previous iterations of the smartphone.

Maybe that's why the device is coming out later in the year than previous iPhones.

Obviously Apple needs to keep significantly upgrading its products or risk losing sales from customers who like their older devices just fine, thank you. The only way to keep customers coming back is to offer more value, and with smartphones that's a short list of items -- really just physical features (size, weight, design, and screen, camera and video quality) and performance (better quality reception, longer battery life, more power, built-in apps).

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu told Apple Insider that "supply chain sources have indicated that the new iPhone will feature a slightly larger display than the current 3.5-inch screen found on the iPhone 4. The fifth-generation iPhone is also expected to feature the same dual-core A5 processor already found in the iPad 2."

What the iPhone 5 won't have, Wu said, is 4G-LTE high-speed wireless capability, at least according to his supply-chain sources.

So, if supply-chain sources are accurate, the major changes for the iPhone will be a "slightly larger display," a thinner bezel, a better-quality rear camera, and the A5 processor (which already has been reported).

Doesn't sound like a major upgrade to me -- especially if I were waiting for 4G -- but I don't have Apple Acquisition Disease.

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