Apple kicks Samsung Galaxy Tab 'down under'


Those pesky lawyers are at it again. Apple's lawyers, ever vigilant, are trying to "stifle its competitor with lawsuits" according to By filing patent lawsuits in Australia before Samsung's Galaxy Tab has been introduced there, Apple has closed the Down Under doors on Galaxy Tab. At least according to some reports, while others quote Samsung saying all is well and they'll be throwing shrimp on the barbie in no time. Can dueling spin doctors create a tornado?

Tablet deathmatch: Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2

DailyTech links to a video of Steve Jobs admitting Apple "has always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Too bad you can't get the courts to stop hypocrisy.

The good news is that Apple has to pay Samsung damages if they lose the case. Score one for the Australian courts. But, as with everything about Apple, the comments pro and con are getting fierce. Perhaps we should dump the lawyers and replace them with referees.

Apple is right

all the infringed patents relate to the touch interface and when Apple launched the iPhone and iOS back 2007 they did say at the time they had taken out 200 plus patents and those patents would be defended.

Tony Swash on

seriously these gadgets look the same….and i think apple has a point…

Deejrico on

This action concerns the Tab 10.1. Put that against an iPad, it really isn't that easy to tell them apart.

breezyqueasy on

Apple is wrong

So what you are saying is Apple, and only Apple should have rights to make anything rectangular? You do realize if it's round it's not a tablet? Also Apple did not invent the tablet design!!

ejaymd11 on

This is absolutely pathetic.

Nate Lowy on

I am pretty sure Gene Roddenberry's trust could claim prior art for the device style. They had touch-screen devices in "The Original Series" (fake of course) - from the 1960's. They also had devices that looks like a kindle, others that looked like an iPad, and even some that look like the modern smart phones... all from the 60's through 80's. They had touch and stylus inputs as well.

MoWeb on

Overhaul the patent process NOW

Apple has been abusing the patent system to prevent competitors from even getting into the markets. I mean, really, patenting a form factor of a "thin rectangle with black bezel"?!?! That should not have a patent!

dgingeri on

The point is, it's absolutely retarded that Apple's patent for the iPad (a rectangular-shaped thing with a 1-in black bezel) is actually being enforced.

Mudhen6 on

Dangerous precedent for Apple to set - that particular sword has two edges, and no one is completely clean in the world of patent trolls...

Billy on

Topic of the day: is the technology business going to hell not in a hand basket, but in a lawyer's briefcase?

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