Breakfast links: Another morning, another massive cyberattack

Plus: Android malware spikes

cyber_warrior_290x218.jpgSource: Reuters/Rick Wilking

•Good morning! If you felt a little uneasy after waking up, it's probably because McAfee is about to reveal one of the biggest cyber-espionage attack on record. Someone (probably China) inflitrated computer systems run by the U.S. government and the U.N. [Fox]

Android malware is twice as common as it was just six months ago. [CNet]

•A Web-based version of Apple's iWork office suite? It seems at odds with the company's apps-as-cloud-frontends vision, but this job ad sure seems to indicate that they're working on something like that. [El Reg]

Facebook wanted to hire some designers, except apparently Facebook doesn't just go to or whatever and hire designers, so they bought a company that employs a bunch of designers instead. [IBT]

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