June is Samsung gadget month; Chromebook and tablet shipping days apart

June is turning out to be a good month for Samsung, eh? It sounds like both the Galaxy Tab 10.1" Android tablet, and the Series 5 Chromebook are on schedule to launch this month.

In fact, some early adopters will the get the Chromebook starting next week. Through a deal with Gilt, certain CR-48 recipients (myself included) were offered an early shot at picking up Samsung's dual-core Google-fueled netbook. $499 got you the 3G version of the computer and a "limited-edition Chromebook sleeve designed by Rickshaw." Sadly I'm not hip enough to know who or what Rickshaw is, but I was still mighty tempted. Luckily for me, my willpower held out long enough for the deal to sell out, but I still put my name on the waiting list.

Gilt orders start to ship next week (June 8th) but the Samsung Series 5 is due to be available more generally on June 15th, so really you haven't missed out on much more than a fancy sleeve, if you missed this special offer.

Then we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" Android tablet. If you're based in New York you can (try to) pick one up at the Union Square Best Buy on June 8th. The rest of us have to wait until June 17th. I keep hearing from those who've had hands-on time that the Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet out there right now, but it still isn't exactly clear why it beats the Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom or Acer Iconia A500. Granted it ships with Honeycomb 3.1, but the Asus is already getting an OTA update to bring it up to 3.1, and isn't the Xoom as well?

The Wifi Galaxy Tabs will launch at $499 and $599 for the 16GB & 32GB models, respectively. Verizon says they'll have 4G LTE versions available for pre-order on June 8th. The bad Verizon news? Prices of those will be $529 and $629 respectively, which seems fine until you get to the "with a two year contract" part. What the...!? Seriously Verizon, we're committing to two years of a data plan and you're not giving us a break on pricing?

My better half has been eyeballing my Acer tablet lately (the perils of living with a geek girl) so I may wind up buying into the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hype. But I keep hearing about these Kal-El (Tegra 3) based tablets coming later in the year; that's life with Android though, isn't it? The tech moves forward so quickly that you always feel like something better is right around the corner. I do think I'll be able to resist a $500 Chromebook, though. It would've been tougher to do if it wasn't coming out the same week as the tablet, and I wonder if this is a smart marketing move on Samsung's part. Maybe they should've given our gadget lust a bit of a cool-down period between launch dates?

Any of my readers planning on pulling the trigger on either of these new Samsung devices? Anyone out there planning on picking them both up?

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