Breakfast links: Apple bets $100 million on iCloud

Plus: Google sneers at your ancient browser.

•Will people pay for Apple's cloud music locker service? The company had better hope so, as it had to pay at least $100 million to the labels to get streaming rights. These rights will mean that users won't have to upload all their files to the cloud server in order to stream them (not that the labels are admitting that you can stream music from the cloud if you do upload your own files, which is how Amazon and Google do it). [Fox]

•The U.S. government insists that no government accounts were compromised in the recently revealed spearphishing attacks, though one is left to wonder how much important data lurks on the personal Gmail accounts of high government officials. [Bloomberg]

•If you're using an older browser, as of August 1 you won't be able to access a number of Google's Web-based services, including Gmail. The most prominent browser on the list is IE 7. [BBC]

•Duke Nukem Forever has a trailer! This thing might actually exist! [Gamespy]

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